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Dating cameos jewelry. Cameos 101: History of Cameo Jewelry, Value and More

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The distinction between carved and molded is important. The inside of the two sheets would be filled with wax or another liquid to preserve the metal work. It was during this period that a spectacular form of jewelry was created in Spain , which in a more subdued form spread throughout Europe: A real masterpiece is an earring with a winged figure of a woman driving a two-horse chariot Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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Their designs range from ancient to traditional to modern and whimsical have you seen the sugar skull and unicorn cameos? Dragons, Chinese symbols, and phoenixes were frequently depicted on jewellery designs.

15th and 16th centuries

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Cameos can come in the form of a pin, necklace, brooch, ring or bracelet. In Russia, a stone bracelet and marble ring are attributed to a similar age. The process has been described to me two different ways.


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