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This indicates that from the earliest times the Anglo-Saxons believed that woman's proper sphere was the domestic one. Some may not have ever dated another woman, because they married the first woman they ever met. A man who has been married to one woman for over forty years can be challenging.

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Augustine's psychological doctrine was current in the Middle Ages up to the time and during the perfecting of the Thomistic synthesis. So again the "Contra Gentiles ", II on creatures , especially from xlvi onwards, deals with the subject from a philosophical standpoint the distinction between the theological and the philosophical treatment having been carefully drawn in chap. The origin of man by creation as opposed to emanative and evolutionistic Pantheism is asserted in the Church's dogmas and definitions. After this the natural basis of society and the natural position of woman and the family were shaken to such extent by the French Revolution that the germ of the modern woman's suffrage movement is to be sought there.

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