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Video about dating a guy who has depression:

Whats A Woman's Role When Her Man Is Clinically Depressed?

Dating a guy who has depression. What It's Like To Date Someone With Depression

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Falling in love is letting go. Remember that anxiety and depression cannot be controlled, only helped! Appropriate and effective therapy works too! Familiarize yourself with Reddit

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How did or do you handle it? And, if your partner is just learning about the condition for the first time, too, make sure your partner knows you are with him or her for every step along the way. You should leave any man who is not doing enough to make the relationship work, and men who suffer from depression are no exception. By understanding these issues and knowing how to respond, you can support the man you love without threatening the relationship or your emotional wellbeing.


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This is something that we should definitely be talking about. Don't think it's something you did.

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