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Rescue a princess by playing various "I Spy" games - basically a hidden object game for kids. Changes are happening so rapidly in your body and your baby, it truly is amazing.

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The beds could be made with different headboards and footboards. To account for the differences in hero movement and abilities, one must stand atop the flag for a few seconds to either capture or return the flag. Defense characters excel at protecting specific locations and creating choke points.

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One's skill ranking determines which of six tiers they are in, with end-of-season rewards given out based on the highest tier that one achieved that season. Subsequently, all competitive matches are played using matchmaking with players near similar skill levels, and one's skill ranking will rise of fall upon winning or losing a match, respectively; draws do not affect the skill ranking. The player playing Tracer and their allies are indicated in blue, while the opposing team is in red.

I Spy Fantasy

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