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Video about cops dating each other:

Ohio Cop Accidentally Tases His Partner During Arrest

Cops dating each other. Undercover Detroit police attempt to arrest each other in 'embarassing' drug bust

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There will foreseeably be claims of favoritism, or even discrimination or harassment. While there is no department rule that bars officers from dating each other, Hall said the issue of fraternization has become more urgent since Orbegozo's arrest in June and should be addressed.

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The police officer was not the sole author of the leaflet but, according to several key members of the group at the time, he co-wrote it. A 'Supermoon' commonly is described as a full moon at its closest distance to the earth with the moon appearing larger and brighter than usual. Two years before the arson attacks, in the autumn of , Bob Lambert had been standing in a hospital holding his newborn son.

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