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Truly your eloquence is the heir of Cicero and Churchill. For conspiracy theorists, the masses are a brainwashed herd , while the conspiracy theorists in the know can congratulate themselves on penetrating the plotters' deceptions.


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But with a little help from Awake Dating, truthers and theorists can be their real selves and maybe even find true love. Not surprisingly, they have often been compared because of their eccentricities and wild performances on stage.

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A much tamer theory says that Miley and Selena Gomez were both impregnated by Justin Bieber at one point. This is a common scenario in conspiracy theories that focus on the alleged machinations of Jews , Freemasons , Communism , or the Catholic Church.

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This suggests that it was filmed on Earth and a breeze caused the flag to flutter. James Van Allen , the discoverer of the Van Allen radiation belts, rebutted the claims that radiation levels were too harmful for the Apollo missions. I've been involved in political activism for my whole adult life, and conspiracy theorists have always been there, in my peripheral vision. Marco Rubio's "coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties.

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