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speed dating thanet kent After Schisms — Nestorian, Non-Chalcedonian 1. Worldwide Schisms — Nestorian, Non-Chalcedonian 1. Worldwide Numbers — Nestorian, Non-Chalcedonian 1. Friendly Schisms — Nestorian, Non-Chalcedonian 1.

He petitioned for the Scriptures to be translated from Latin educated tongue to French - the language of the common people. This council and its obvious politicising of the visible church organisation on earth not the true Biblical church of genuine believers in Jesus death and resurrection caused Nestorian followers to break away and join an earlier schism of the Assyrian Church of the East which held the same views as the Nestorians and this church still barely exists today — near Baghdad - but is on the verge of extinction due to Muslim oppression and violent persecution. The Orthodox Church is not a Protestant Church at all.

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