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Cf patients dating. New hope for cystic fibrosis patients in medication derived from Norwegian seaweed

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Alfred Adler suggested that dreams are often emotional preparations for solving problems, intoxicating an individual away from common sense toward private logic. His assertions that repressed memory in infants re-surface decades later in adult dreams conflicts with modern research on memory.

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This was revised in by Crick and Mitchison's " reverse learning " theory, which states that dreams are like the cleaning-up operations of computers when they are off-line, removing suppressing parasitic nodes and other "junk" from the mind during sleep. The same dream is sometimes experienced by multiple people, as in the case of the Buddha-to-be leaving his home.

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Precognition According to surveys, it is common for people to feel their dreams are predicting subsequent life events. Clinicians must be prepared to modify their treatment to accommodate the changing physiology during pregnancy and to be aware of changing prescribing before conception, during pregnancy, after birth and during breast feeding. Some researchers have speculated that " time dilation " effects only seem to be taking place upon reflection and do not truly occur within dreams. This prevented the selective memory effect, and the dreams no longer seemed accurate about the future.

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