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These are known as mutational hot-spots. Because the hind paws are constructed differently to the fore paws, there are rarely true "thumbs" on the back feet only one or two reported cases of opposable hind thumbs, but no photographic evidence.


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Seeing Benvolio Romeo 's cousin trying to stop the fight, Tybalt draws his sword to fight Benvolio, saying: This triphalangeal three-boned thumb may be duplicated and sometimes the next digit is also duplicated. Ingrowing dewclaws can also occur in non-polydactyl cats where the claw grows into side of the foot.

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While other World Cat Congress member registries accept polydactyly as a harmless trait in these breeds, the GCCF remained close-minded and insistent that polydactyly is a genetic defect. The fused claw or "superclaw" is thicker than a regular claw and may twist abnormally. The Mandalay is an independent, gentle, fun loving and highly intelligent cat whose strength and endurance is a positive influence of the breed.

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Whiskers may be present; either whole or broken, or may be totally absent. The results suggest that prehistoric human populations probably began carrying their cats along ancient land and sea trade routes to control rodents.

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Above the thumb is a vestigial toe that is only discernible through handling. A non-twisting superclaw is not normally painful for the cat, but because the claw is thicker and stronger than usual, it can gouge wood - and flesh - more deeply than a regular claw. Mitten-pawed Mia is due to have a planned litter in Spring , after which she will be spayed, and it will be interesting to see what form of polydactyly she passes on.

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