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How Long Is The Average Business Cycle?

Business cycle dating. Business Cycles

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The consequences of getting the timing wrong, of being early or late, can be serious. Thus, once the expansion starts, the pace of investment spending accelerates. A business cycle is typically characterized by four phases—recession, recovery, growth, and decline—that repeat themselves over time.

What is the 'Business Cycle'

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When there is an increase in the total value of new orders we might expect the growth rate of real GDP in future months to increase. The total value of new orders is a good indicator of what production of new capital goods will be in the near future.

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These fluctuations express themselves as the observed business cycles. The economy of the western world is a system of closely interrelated parts.

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In this alternative framework, business cycles are largely the result of disturbances in productivity and tastes, not of changes in aggregate demand. Increases in the inflation rate in some months have been attributed to such cost or supply-side factors as energy, housing, and food price increases. The unemployment rate is usually called counter-cyclical since it declines during the expansionary phase and increases during the contractionary phase.

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There were great increases in productivity , industrial production and real per capita product throughout the period from to that included the Long Depression and two other recessions. When the economy is at the peak of the business cycle the economy is growing faster than normal and the unemployment rate declines.

BREAKING DOWN 'Business Cycle'

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