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I have not canned with these jars yet, but have aquired about 2 dozen of them. But for now, just know that each jar has a corresponding lid. These products ranged from canning jars your mother used for preserving foods; glass tumblers you drank from each day; catsup bottles purchased at the grocery; dairy creamers served with coffee in your favorite restaurant; mayonnaise, pickles, and baby food sold in jars which you and your children consumed; Vaseline for your "boo-boos;" Vick's Salve which your mother rubbed on your chest when you had the croup; Carters Ink which you used in your fountain pen; glue or shoe polish which you often used; and Ponds Cream which your mother bought to keep her skin soft and lovely.

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The growing company needed larger quarters. Your jars sound like 30s and 40s era. This style falls halfway between the two styles noted above in that the ribs spiral down or up depending on perspective the bottle with the overall "look" visually more similar to the horizontally ribbed styles than the vertically ribbed.


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