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Mike joined Radio Atlanta at the end of June , just before it changed its name to Radio Caroline South, but stayed on with the new station. The smallest of all the offshore stations, Radio Essex was based on the Knock John anti-aircraft fort in the Thames estuary. Everyone ages differently, and lifestyle plays a major role, but you'll experience both hard-to-notice and impossible-to-miss changes in your physical and mental health.

From a 60-year-old who braved this emotional minefield, some essential Dos and Don'ts

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Just minutes of moderately intense activity a week lowers your chance of developing coronary artery disease by 14 percent, compared with people who are not physically active. He died on 4th December aged He has also been an announcer on the History Channel and written a column for Country Music People magazine.

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When he was six his family moved to Canada. Photo by Craig Cutler Inactivity is a more common risk factor for heart disease than obesity is. Part of your brain circuitry starts to burn out with age, but most of us compensate by relying on other parts of our brain, and our past experiences, to make decisions.

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It was in Chicago that the blues went from acoustic solo guitar music to electric guitar-electric bass-drums combos. I then went to London where I had loads of horrible jobs for two years. Please understand that this particular chart is a rough draft.

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