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After a month of rebuilding the ways, Constitution finally slipped into Boston Harbor on 21 October , with Captain James Sever breaking a bottle of Madeira wine on her bowsprit. Vague year[ edit ] The vague year, from annus vagus or wandering year, is an integral approximation to the year equaling days, which wanders in relation to more exact years. At the initial hail from Bainbridge, Java answered with a broadside that severely damaged Constitution's rigging.

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Constitution had suffered little damage in the battle, though it was later discovered that she had twelve pound British cannonballs embedded in her hull, none of which had penetrated. She arrived there on 14 May, and Nicholson was relieved of command. At the initial hail from Bainbridge, Java answered with a broadside that severely damaged Constitution's rigging.


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Campbell and the squadron were ordered home on 18 August and set sail for Boston on 8 September, arriving there on 14 October. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Campbell on 29 May They had sighted Constitution and were giving chase.

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Guerriere[ edit ] Main article: They intercepted Niger off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina on 8 September, a gun ship sailing with a French crew en route from Jamaica to Philadelphia, claiming to have been under the orders of Great Britain.

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This term is sometimes erroneously used for the draconic or nodal period of lunar precession , that is the period of a complete revolution of the Moon's ascending node around the ecliptic: She arrived there on 14 May, and Nicholson was relieved of command.

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